“Week of Respect” Video

In this video (Post-Production) for William Annin’s Week of Respect, a teenager realizes that her jokes are hurtful to her peers after she sees them from a new perspective.

Produced by Ridge Productions.


  • Bully: Sofia Szikman
  • Victim: Joshua Edward
  • Entourage: Zachary Welch & Evelyn Zeng
  • Teacher: Mr. Stewart


  • Director: Austin Segal
  • Assistant Director: Emily Kobren
  • Screenplay: Emily Kobren, Julia Schnarr, & Austin Segal
  • Creative Team: Emma Bertram, Will Bleier, Mckaela Criscuolo, Emma Healy, Caroline Lidz, Nour Okasha, Katie Pinto, & Liam Schiffer
  • Cinematographer: Austin Segal
  • Assistant Cameras: Nour Okasha & Katie Pinto
  • Gaffer: Emma Bertram
  • Sound: Emma Healy & Julia Schnarr
  • Script Supervisors: Emily Kobren & Nour Okasha
  • On-Set Videographers: Emma Bertram & Emma Healy
  • Editors: Julia Schnarr & Austin Segal
  • Advisor: Mr. Ortega