Markers (June 20, 2018) shows a teenage girl redefining her own labels after being outed by a bully.

Produced independently.


  • Karenna Breslow: Lesbian
  • Caroline Lidz: OCD
  • Riley Aviles: Theatre Kid
  • Valerie Gorsky: Bully
  • Valerie Chen: Depressed
  • Jasmine Davy: Deaf
  • Kira Govindaraju: Diva
  • Maggie Hsu: Teacher’s Pet
  • Katelyn King: Overachiever
  • Violet Knowles: Wannabe
  • Camille Lartigue: Disabled
  • Sameera Mathias: Nerd
  • Lauren Polito: Shy
  • Dhristi Raval: Foreigner
  • Mohinder Singh: Jock
  • Emily Warshaw: Popular
  • Jacqueline Wong: Nobody



See the FilmFreeway page.

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