Marionette (October 13, 2018) is a horror film that portrays society’s manipulative nature in 15 seconds.

Produced by Ridge Productions.


  • Julia Schnarr: Marionette
  • Sera Selin: Hands on Mouth
  • Josh Edward: Hands on Eyes
  • Ioana Dobrescu: Hands on Hair


  • Directors: Emma Bertram & Austin Segal
  • Producer: Bella Trucco
  • Writers: Emma Bertram, Ved Bhagat, Julia Schnarr, Austin Segal, Bella Trucco
  • Cinematographer: Austin Segal
  • Focus Puller: Emma Bertram
  • Dolly: Kaitlyn Franck
  • Make-Up: Emma Bertram
  • Make-Up Assistant: Lexi Iselborn
  • Production Assistants: Mary Shea & Samantha Wong
  • Editor: Austin Segal
  • BTS: Ved Bhagat & Camille Lartigue
  • Advisor: William Ortega



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