“Jarred” (August 31, 2019) is a romantic drama about love, loss, and time.

Produced independently, a SAG-AFTRA production.



  • Logan Calder
  • Gabriella Diaz
  • Daniel Falconer
  • Andrew Falduto
  • Rachel Greenwood
  • Annika Helgeson
  • Rob Johnson
  • Meredith Lou
  • Julia Schnarr


  • Writer & Director: Austin Segal
  • Assistant Director: Gabriella Diaz
  • Second Assistant Director: Taylor Richardson
  • Location Production Assistants: William Ortega, Ann Sobine, the Richardsons, & the Natirar Park Rangers
  • Cinematographer: Austin Segal
  • Motion Control Technician: Wayne Segal
  • Gaffers: Gabriella Diaz, Taylor Richardson, Austin Segal, & Wayne Segal
  • Production Sound Mixer: Julia Schnarr
  • Boom Pole Operators: Logan Calder, Gabriella Diaz, Taylor Richardson, & Wayne Segal
  • Script Supervisor: Gabriella Diaz
  • Craft Services: Denise Segal & Wayne Segal
  • On-Set Videographer: Gabriella Diaz
  • Editor: Austin Segal

Score: “Roads Less Travelled” by Jonny Easton


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