Inside and Out

Following a young woman’s attempt to overcome her agoraphobia in order to attend an outing, Inside and Out (October 20, 2018) alternates between her advance to the door and the psychological torture she endures within.

Inside and Out premiered at the Garden State Film Festival on March 30, 2019.

Official Trailer:

Produced independently.


  • Emma Bertram
  • Dhristi Raval


  • Director: Austin Segal
  • Writer: Austin Segal
  • Script Advisors: Brittany Segal & Wayne Segal
  • Cinematographer: Austin Segal
  • Camera Assistant: Gabriella Diaz
  • Gaffer: Gabriella Diaz
  • Lighting Assistants: Beth Polito & Wayne Segal
  • Sound: Beth Polito
  • Sound Assistant: Denise Segal
  • Editor: Austin Segal

Article: “Ridge Student’s Film Selected For Garden State Film Festival” by Alexis Tarrazi, The Patch



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