Greatest Hits

Jarred (August 31, 2019) is a romantic drama about love, loss, and time.



Gemini (August 18, 2019) highlights the dual nature of male identity in a dramatic scene in which a guy contemplates putting on make-up.



A Cleansing (June 13, 2019) is a sci-fi drama in which a young woman undergoes a cleansing procedure to rid herself of feelings she deems sinful.

Credit: Writer, DirectorCo-Editor


Cassandra (June 2, 2019) is a Greek myth adapted to comment on society’s treatment of sexual violence.

Credit: Co-Writer, Co-DirectorCinematographerEditor


The Elements (January 6, 2019) is an experimental short that represents the four stages of grief (denial, anger, sadness, acceptance) through the four elements (air, fire, water, earth).

Produced independently.

Credit: Concept, DirectorCinematographerEditor


Following a young woman’s attempt to overcome her agoraphobia in order to attend an outing, Inside and Out (October 20, 2018) alternates between her advance to the door and the psychological torture she endures within.

Produced independently.

Credit: Writer, DirectorCinematographerEditor


Originally made for a 24-hour film challenge, Lemonhead (June 30, 2018) follows a boy who accidentally discovers a “secret ingredient” which lures a customer back to his lemonade stand.

CreditStoryDirector of PhotographyEditor


Markers (June 20, 2018) shows a teenage girl redefining her own labels after being outed by a bully.

CreditWriterDirector, Costumes, CinematographerEditor


The Phone Rang (June 9, 2018) is a one-shot film following a therapy patient dealing with the aftermath of his friend’s suicide, for which he blames himself.



Bulletproof (April 24, 2018) documents the March for Our Lives protest in Washington D.C. and features interviews with protesters along with footage from the march.

Credits: Co-Director, Co-Cinematographer, Co-Editor