Films from 2019

The Neighbor (June 13, 2019) is a dark comedy featuring an eccentric neighbor’s meticulous murder of a new resident.

Credit: Actor


A Cleansing (June 13, 2019) is a sci-fi drama in which a young woman undergoes a cleansing procedure to rid herself of feelings she deems sinful.

Credit: Writer, DirectorCo-Editor


Cassandra (June 2, 2019) is a Greek myth adapted to comment on society’s treatment of sexual violence.

Credit: Co-Writer, Co-DirectorCinematographerEditor


Helpline (March 25, 2019) is a public service announcement to encourage people to reach out for their friends, their families, or themselves. No one should ever face their burdens alone.

Credit: Co-Writer, Co-DirectorCinematographerEditor


Voicemail (February 9, 2019) follows a young’s woman’s reactions to a series of aggressive phone messages left by an abusive ex-boyfriend.

The full film is currently unavailable online. Here is the trailer:

CreditCinematographer, LightingEditor


The Elements (January 6, 2019) is an experimental short that represents the four stages of grief (denial, anger, sadness, acceptance) through the four elements (air, fire, water, earth).

Produced independently.

Credit: Concept, DirectorCinematographerEditor