Films From 2017

You Deserve a Brighter Tomorrow (November 20, 2017) is a PSA intended to remind those considering suicide that every single human on earth deserves a brighter tomorrow.

Credits: Co-Director, Cinematographer, Editor


The Waiting Room (June 8, 2017) follows a young man as he slowly goes insane trapped in an inescapable waiting room before an interview.

Credit: Actor


Happy: Behind the Scenes (June 8, 2017) takes you behind the scenes of the making of the short film Happy, including insight into character choices and also the technical execution of the film.

Credits: Co-Director, Co-Cinematographer, Co-Editor


Jasmine and the Narrator (March 11, 2017) personifies the typical literary device of the narrator as a real human providing the play-by-play coverage of Jasmine’s procrastination.

Credit: Actor


Two of These Things (March 11, 2017) tells the universal tale of loneliness and friendship with a colorful twist.

Credit: Cinematographer


Alexa (March 11, 2017) depicts the events that occur when a piece of artificial intelligence comes to life, and what her motives are.

Credits: Assistant Director, Script Supervisor