Films From 2016

Darkness (December 31, 2016) follows the internal struggles of a hearing-gone-deaf girl struggling to figure out how music fits into her silent life.

Credits: Co-WriterDirector, Cinematographer, ActorEditor


Battle Scars (November 19, 2016) shows a depressed and socially anxious girl physically battling out her problems with lightsabers.

Credits: Lighting, Sound


Seven Taps (November 19, 2016) depicts the anxiety attack of a boy with OCD when he is unable to complete his seven-tap routine.

Credit: WriterCamera Assistant


Texts From God (November 19, 2016) imagines a world where God (and the Devil) can communicate to humans through text messages.

Credit: Actor


Notes (June 11, 2016) breaks the typical love-story formula with its tale of two kids who get to know each other through notes left on a bench.

Credits: Writer, Actor, Co-Editor