BTS Inception

Today, I am taking you behind the scenes of our behind-the-scenes documentary of the film “Happy,” about a depressed girl growing happier over time through daily holidays.

We are making a BTS documentary of the film, over three filming days and one editing day. Here’s the plan:

Week 1: Prep (This Week)

This week, we filmed the crew and cast preparing to film. They set up the bedroom and props to make decisions about shots and compiled a shot list. All of this was to prepare for next week.

We filmed them both handheld and on a tripod. It was difficult to change focus while also moving around the set. We also prepared questions to ask select cast and crew next week.

We even shot a fun time-lapse of cleaning up the set!

Week 2: Production (Next Week)

Next week, we will film the production of “Happy” and ask people questions. The questions will range from character development to technical decisions.

This week will probably have the most filming. We may even record a few time-lapse of the filming process.

Week 3: Title Sequence (Final Filming Week)

The week after production, everyone will work together to make an awesome title/ending sequence involving sticky notes! We will film them working, possibly in time-lapse form.

At some point, during the last two weeks, we will film a fun opening sequence!

Week 4: Editing (Final Week Overall)

We will edit our BTS documentary, which will probably take a while with all the footage we’ll have!

Cut to BTS-squared.

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