Ex Post Facto

I have had quite the film-heavy past few weeks, involving a few opportunities to meet fellow filmmakers. So I present to you this post, written ex post facto.

Pun intended, take it or leave it.

Saturday, April 22

Ah, film festivals. One of the greatest ways for us independent filmmakers to prove ourselves.

And that’s exactly what we did.

I am honored that our film, Two of These Things, was accepted into the Ocean County Library Film Festival.

I attended the festival last Saturday, and had a blast! When I arrived, they gave me a t-shirt and briefly interviewed me about the film (which I did not know was being broadcasted into the main room). They had snacks, sandwiches, and even dessert during intermission!

And may I say, it was delicious.


Yes, that golden statue was made of chocolate.

Although it was a close tie with the food, the best part of the night was seeing other people’s films. They varied from comedies, dramas, and documentaries to silent films, experimental films, and PSAs. There was even a mix of live action and stop motion. They were funny and scary and informational and emotional, and always great to watch.

Overall, the film fest was a fantastic experience and opportunity, and I’m grateful I went.

Sunday, April 30 (Today!)

Today was the film meet-up at NJ Film School, where I met fellow filmmakers and learned about new equipment. One person showed a sound recording system, and another displayed a dual-arm Steadicam.

It is awesome to meet people with the same interest in film, and discuss equipment, techniques, and past/current/future projects. I would definitely recommend going to one of these. Go once and see if you like it, because what you find might surprise you.

Et Cedere

Last week, we planned for a new film, titled “The Code,” about a young man who answers calls regarding the laws filmmakers must follow. I was busy on the day of shooting, but I am super excited to see the finished product, as it shows how far filmmaking has come, for something as simple as Psycho‘s flushing of a toilet was controversial.

Next week, I will begin the behind-the-scenes story of my behind-the-scenes documentary of the film “Happy.” Whoa, that’s a mind-bender.

Cut to et cedere.

2 thoughts on “Ex Post Facto

  1. It sounds like the Film Festival was a lot of fun – I can’t wait to hear more about it. Also, it was great to see you at the meetup. I really hope you enter a team in the 24 Hour Film Challenge!


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