Jasmine and the Narrator: The Face Behind the Voice

Austin was ready, he was going to write this blog post.

He had all of his ideas, he had [not] finished all of his other homework, he was prepared.

This week, I had the unique opportunity to play the narrator in our new comedy Jasmine and the Narrator. This short film takes a unique spin on the common literary technique by personifying the narrator as a real person, rather than a voice-over. He is fed up with the girl whom he narrates, Jasmine, never doing her work, but rather looking at her phone. In a lot of ways, this dynamic relationship represents that which we have with our conscience when we haven’t finished our work.

I may have been playing a narrator, but, in a film where the narrator leaves his voice-over box, it’s important to look the part, too!

It was a great experience to take this fun twist on the narrator, a plot device which is typically overused. Playing the personified narrator has opened my eyes to the truths behind the voice, a real human whose job is to narrate a person’s life, action by action. Also, I got to act with a familiar face once again.

Jasmine and the Narrator will be released next week, along with Alexa and Two of These Things, on Vimeo. I will post a link to the videos and my comments on how they turned out.

My question to you: What would your narrator say about you?

Cut to black.

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