Alexa: Overtime

Not only the Super Bowl went into overtime this weekend.

You should never feel like a bad filmmaker if you end up a few minutes behind. If anything, that just means you’re bad at predicting how long a shooting will take. It is so easy to spend extra time getting that shot right or working out the little details.

Maybe, for instance, you were trying to determine the perfect way to align a set of Amazon boxes.


As you may have guessed, we fell a little behind while shooting our new comedic film, Alexa. The film follows the dark story of a young boy who falls victim to a small A.I. assistant.

Anyway, by cutting and combining shots to decrease our shoot time, we ended a mere 3 minutes late.

As the assistant director, I constantly kept track of time and reminded the director when we were running behind. (The farthest was fifteen minutes, I swear.) As the script supervisor, I took notes on my script when the actors deviated from the original lines or did any peculiar actions during the shot. I would tell the director, and she would decide to either adapt this new way, reshoot it with the old way, or just ignore it altogether and hope it doesn’t affect the editing process.


Being the script supervisor requires intense focus to small details. I was constantly referring back and forth between my script and the actors.

Next week, I will bring you on a behind-the-scenes journey of one of my favorite scripts so far, as I prepare to be cinematographer for our next new film.

Check out Alexa on Vimeo this March.

Cut to overtime.

OK, you can cut to black now.

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