Alexa: Pre-Production

Your order of a hilarious (and also quite creepy) dystopian short film has been shipped! Arrival is expected around March.

This week, we planned out first new film in a while, Alexa. The short film depicts the events following the purchase of Alexa, a personal assistant AI which helps with daily tasks. Alexa is the perfect blend of funny and creepy as Dave’s personal assistant continuously orders items from Amazon and possesses his friend. Why not?

I am the script supervisor and assistant director for this film. As the SS (script supervisor), it was my job to focus on the script as they practiced, and note whenever their words or action varied from the written directions in the script. Then, I would talk to the director about which she prefers. Continuity is very important in film, especially when the time for editing comes. As the AD (assistant director), I, quite fittingly, assist the director, and help her with tasks. Some of my duties include typing the shot list and keeping track of time.

When planning, we tried to use shots that would help convey the dark comedic tone of the film. With special placement of the camera and interrogative-esque lighting, we hope to accomplish that task.

Tune in next week for behind-the-scenes coverage of Alexa, and learn about the role of the AD and SS in production.

Cut to black.

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