Lens Maybe? LensBaby.

My camera was sporting a new lens today.

During the filming of Seven Taps, being the camera assistant, I was responsible for providing the correct lens for each shot. There was a whole array of various lenses, but one sticks out in my memory above all others: the LensBaby.

It was so exciting to film those shots. I would take off the current lens, and replace it with the LensBaby. We used this lens for the special purpose of showing anxiety. The lens intensifies the focus on specific details, building that inner feeling of nervousness.

I am super excited to use this lens on future personal films! As someone who understands anxiety, I love translating those feelings and emotions into film. I have already started testing out the lens with some willing participants:


The LensBaby focuses on a specific detail, then blurs out the edges. It really coveys a nervous, distorted feeling. Rack focuses look fantastic on it, since the great (unchangeable) zoom directs the focus to small details, so every microscopic change of focus can be seen. Here are some shots of the me using the lens on these, once again, completely willing participants.


The lens is composed of two parts: a Tilt Transformer and a Composer Focus Front. The Front attaches to the Transformer, which connects to the camera itself. No additional adapter is needed for a Panasonic AF100, but I do not know about other cameras.


I can’t wait to use the LensBaby in future projects! Now I can use this special lens to focus on the issue of anxiety, along with other uses.


Cut to black.

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