Passing Notes: Gold Coast Film Festival

Our day to celebrate has arrived: the Gold Coast International Film Festival.

After a month of waiting, the big day is finally here! I drove out to Port Washington to see Notes on the big screen at Soundview Cinemas.


We left early in case there was traffic, so we arrived in Port Washington well before the film festival. We had more than an hour and a half to kill, so we walked along Manhasset Bay. The walkway is a great scenic view to pass the time, with artwork scattered along the path and a beautiful view of the bay.


For lunch, we ordered pizza and garlic knots at Amalfi Pizzeria, a restaurant two minutes from Soundview Cinemas. I would recommend this place to anyone. Everyone there was so nice, and the pizza was some of the best I have ever had. I owe a huge thank-you to Lauren and Beth for telling me about it.

It was so exciting to see all the advertisements for the film festival! They were everywhere, including signs, posters, and even placemats!


11:40. I entered Soundview Cinemas to find all my old and new friends taking pictures. I joined them, and I even got interviewed! We found our seats inside, and the film festival began.

Then, the screenings. There were some great films! People came all the way from Vancouver to see three of their amazing and funny short films on the big screen! The videos had extraordinary camerawork and hilarious dialogue! One truly inspiring film titled “bELIeve” documented the football teams at Huntington High School pushing Eli Mollineaux toward the end zone in his wheelchair. Another film depicted Greenwich, CT from above with drone technology! There were many other fantastic and interesting films, including music videos, stop motion films, and much more.

Q&A time. They called “Notes” up first and gave us our award. The nice lady presenting the films told us that, upon watching “Notes,” she and her family has begun leaving notes of their own for each other! It is the greatest feeling to know that a film I worked on has brightened people’s days. She asked me why I wrote “Notes,” and I had my answer ready. I always liked love stories, but I wanted to stray from the typical format where two people meet, get to know each other, and fall in love. I felt that the idea of leaving notes for one another and falling in love that way was a stronger, more interesting story. And hopefully, an untold one.


After the Q&A, we got our (generous!) goodie bags and hung out in the main area. We even got free Gold Coast t-shirts! It was great to see everyone again, since most of us have split off into different age brackets at NJ Film School. I am crossing my fingers that we will be returning to the film festival for a third year next fall, because I can not think of a better way I could have spent this day.


I would like to thank the Gold Coast International Film Festival for selecting and sharing “Notes” this year. It was a great experience to hear the stories of other young filmmakers from all around.


To learn about the work that went into writing “Notes,” click here.

Next week, I will post a link to the finished copies of Texts From God, Seven Taps, and Battle Scars once they are online. I have officially reached ten posts! It has been amazing writing these posts and I plan to write many more! Tune in every Thursday for more behind-the-scenes filmmaking knowledge!

Cut to black.

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