Battle Scars: Lights, Camera, Practice!

With great power comes great responsibility.

And thus, great filmmaking power requires a great amount of practice. Like, three hours worth of practice. Let’s get right into it.

This week, because we were missing people, I worked as the camera assistant, grip, and lighting. Since I have already written about camera assisting, I will focus on the other two (pun highly intended).


The grip is responsible for carrying and moving props and other items. I helped keep wires out of the walking area to avoid accidents. Probably saved a few lives. You’re welcome, world.


One of the most important aspects of a film is how it looks. And you can’t see the shot without lighting, right? I moved two lights into good positions and angles and watched out for reflections on glass or other objects.

We hit a slight roadblock when it was noticed that the glass in a picture frame was reflecting light. Since it would be inefficient to move the lights between shots with such a tight shoot, we decided to remove the glass from the picture frame altogether. When it comes to glass in film, less is typically more.

And So,

We have a very very verrrrry dense shot list for next week. We will have to be on top of our game to get it all done in the time provided. Hopefully, the action sequence and battle scar make-up will both go smoothly!

Next week, I will bring you to the set of an action film, which will probably look something like an action film itself as we try to finish on time! I will be working as grip and lighting for “Battle Scars,” which will be released this month on Vimeo.

Cut to black.

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