Battle Scars: Choreographing the Routine

Filmmaking is a dance.

And today, we began to choreograph the action sequence of our new film: Battle Scars. The short film focuses on the thoughts and emotions of a nerdy young girl battling social anxiety and depression, rather literally. Similar to Seven Taps, this film attempts to convey the internal conflicts kids face everyday. However, it takes a very different approach, following a metaphoric physical battle rather than the internal battle displayed in Seven Taps. This short film shows the fight in true nerdy fashion: a light saber duel. Battle Scars will be released on Vimeo in mid-November.

Anyway, back to the metaphor.

Filmmaking is a dance, and choreographing is one of the hardest parts. Today, we worked at planning every single moment of the film.


With such a complex film and such a short time to shoot it, we will be using an extra week for preparation and practice. This week, we focused on planning. It is crucial to think over every detail beforehand, because it is a whole lot easier to make decisions in pre-production than on the spot the day of filming. We thought about props (light sabers? bo staff? how about both?), timing, and the placement of actors and props. Filmmaking Tip #3: Plan, plan, and then plan some more. You can never plan too much. You can constantly build upon your work with new ideas and edits for old ones.

For this production, we will have a very small crew, so I will be the gaffer, grip, and sound. Next week, we will practice the sequence until the metaphoric dance is flawless, and then work out the shots. The week after, I will go behind the scenes of working with lighting, sound, and moving props.

Battle Scars will be released on Vimeo this November.

Cut to black.

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