Seven Taps: Not All Assistants Get Coffee

Not all assistants get coffee, some of us get lenses.

The day is today! The filming of Seven Taps is among us, so read on to learn more!


To read about the pre-production of the film, click right here. I dare you.

An Assistant’s Eye View

Today, I worked as the camera assistant for my script “Seven Taps,” about a boy with uncontrollable OCD. It was an eventful day, in that we finished with five minutes to spare (which is about an hour and a half in film-time). As the camera assistant, I changed the lenses and moved the camera mount.

Today, the camera lenses became my best friends. And in all honesty, they had to be for this all to work smoothly. Here is a list of my new friends:

The size corresponds to the focal length, 24 mm being the least zoomed in. The Lensbaby creates blurriness around the edges. In a later post, I will talk about these lenses in greater detail.

To change the lens, I pulled the front out, then twisted the lens out (while holding the release button), then twisted in the new one.


From the Eye of the Holder of the Lenses

The cinematographer did great on the shots! We did still shots, rack focuses (rack foci?), jib shots, tracking shots, rising-up-from-behind-the-TV-for-an-interesting-opening shots. It was an honor to be working with such talented people! The actors did great, and the crew worked together smoothly. And I even made a few friends along the way:


Seven Taps, the story of a panic attack triggered by a remote, will be released in mid-November on Vimeo.

Cut to black.

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