Seven Taps: Pre-Production

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, or OCD, affects many people everyday. Today, we worked on conveying the topic in the realest way we could in our new film, Seven Taps. The film shows the perspective of a boy suffering from OCD when he is stopped from completing his seven-tap pattern. The film will be released in mid-November on Vimeo.

Since the entire film is one short scene with little dialogue or action, we were able to build our shot list with a certain freedom you simply don’t get with long, complex scripts. We had a mission to convey the feeling of an OCD attack. And how could we do that without Lensbaby?

Lensbaby is a camera lens that focuses on the center of the shot and blurs around the edges. We will use it, along with a slight rack focus, to manufacture the feeling of a panic attack. The shots will focus in on small details to symbolize how OCD can cause people to focus on small arbitrary things.

Rack focus shots have a great importance in Seven Taps, for they convey the feeling of pulling away and being pulled back. It also shows how people lose focus of what is really important because of OCD.

Last week, I talked about how a good filmmaker can cut unnecessary shots for the sake of time. Well, here is my Filmmaking Tip #2: At the end of the day, the film is what matters. Just because a shot is cool, that does not mean it must be done. Do what is best for the film. At the end of the day, that is what you will have to show for your work. There were many shots we wanted to include, but they did not make the cut because of time, practicality, or because they simply just did not fit the theme of the film.

As the writer of the script, I had a lot to say about the look of the film. The most important part for me was the panic attack. I had a very specific picture in my mind about how this part would be filmed.

And what better job to do that than working with the camera itself?

For this film, I was given the part of camera assistant in order to learn how to use the new camera and lenses to which I had never previously been exposed. Next week, I will tell you about the art of cinematography and the filming of Seven Taps.

Watch Seven Taps next month on Vimeo.

Also, I recently found out that a previous film of ours, Notes, was submitted and selected for the Gold Coast Film Festival! The screening of the short film (and many others) will be on November 13, 2016. Congratulations to everyone else who was involved, I hope to see you there!

Cut to black.

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