Texts From God: Pre-Production

Today, we started planning a hilarious new film: “Texts From God.”

Texts From God is about a boy, Jack, who is receiving literal texts from God. These texts could be anything from an early alarm to an annoying nutritional tip. This short film about God’s irritating texts will be released on Vimeo in mid-November.

We were each assigned our roles, mine being the part of Jack himself, and we got right to work.

For the first scene, in which Jack is woken up by God through a text message (as seen above), we will do a rack focus from Jack to the phone as it buzzes. We have wanted to do this exact shot for a while (i.e.: Notes), but it hasn’t ever worked out until now.

There is a scene where Jack is brushing his teeth in front of a mirror. This will be a difficult shot, for we will have to find an angle where the filming equipment can not be seen in the mirror.

Another scene depicts the choice Jack must make between a healthy breakfast and a tasty one. We plan to use a whip pan between the two foods to show his decision-making progress and internal struggle between ethics and desire, which is exactly what the film is about.

Overall, the aspect of the film we are most excited about is the use of the mMessage plug-in for Final Cut Pro X, which we will buy specifically for this film. mMessage allows text messages to appear on the screen, which are both customizable and trackable. This will allow us to bring the idea of text messaging to life.

Next week, I will be taking you behind the scenes of the acting experience.

See Texts From God this November on Vimeo.

Cut to black.

3 thoughts on “Texts From God: Pre-Production

  1. What a cool script idea! mMessage sounds like a lot of fun, and as a fellow film school student, I look forward to be able to use it in future classes! Have fun!!


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